Mixture Classic 2oz Votive Candles ( Choice of Scent )


Our thought was simple. Provide a cylinder votive like no other. This votive is fabulous lined up on a mantel, in a bathroom or on a dining room table and will make a perfect little gift to bring to a housewarming.

Each of Mixture products are made in small batches, hand-mixed for YOU.


Product Details


100% renewable soy wax

Reusable glass vessel

Hand-poured in small batches in Kansas, USA

20 hours burn time

2 ounces

1.5 (DIA) x 4 (H) inches


Choice of rejuvenating fragrances:


  • #02 ORANGE VANILLA: The ultimate combination of crisp orange enhanced with rich vanilla
  • #04 LAUREN’S LAVENDER GARDEN: Close your eyes and envision miles of purple fields. Rich and enticing
  • #05 SALT & SAGE: Top notes of sea air, salt, and mineral textures of sand and stone. Driftwood, seaweed, and strong sage
  • #07 SEA SALT: Fresh and salty with a strong marine character. Coconut, tropical fruit, and tuberose finished off with dominant white musk
  • #08 LAVENDER LEMONGRASS: Powerful and invigorating lavender and lemongrass
  • #13 FRENCH MAGNOLIA: The intoxicating blend of magnolia, violets & spicy verbena. Finishes with tuberose & pink pepper
  • #14 BLACK PEPPER: Strong black pepper oil, vetiver, bergamot, and musk round out this rich and exotic blend
  • #17 BLOOD ORANGE: A sweet blend of ripe blood orange infused with fresh goji berry, raspberry, and strawberry
  • #21 STARGAZER LILY: Deep and luxurious, sweet white lily
  • #22 VAT 9: Blended in our Vat #9. Opens up with cranberry, clove, honeysuckle, and cedarwood followed by vanilla sugar and nutmeg
  • #24 SEASIDE GARDEN: Clean & fresh notes of lemon with a bit of spice. Marine & wood notes lead to a masculine oakmoss, amber and musk
  • #27 CASHMERE: Spicy floral as found in an Oriental garden. Strong jasmine, rose, and tuberose followed by orange, black pepper, and musk
  • #53 RELAXATION: Soothing peppermint, lavender, spearmint and eucalyptus
  • #67 ROSEMARY MINT: Invigorating rosemary, sweet spearmint and robust peppermint
  • #69 DRAGON FRUIT: Where to start? Lemon, banana, melon, and apricot followed by berry, lily of the valley, and a touch of caramel
  • #79 LEMON BASIL: Amalfi lemon, lime peel, and freshly crushed Italian basil finishing with hints of parsley and sage
Candle Votive

#01 Wild Current / Red, #02 Orange Vanilla / Tangerine, #04 Lauren's Lavender Garden / Lavender, #05 Salt&Sage / Seafoam, #06 Cilantro Coriander / Green, #07 Sea Salt / Blue, #08 Lavender Lemongrass / Yellow, #10 Black Violet / Lavender, #14 Black Pepper / Mushroom, #17 Blood Orange / Orange, #22 VAT 9 / Pink, #24 Seaside Garden / Teal, #27 Cashmere / Rose Gold, #28 Grapefruit&Sweet Vanilla / Clear, #52 Chamomile / Yellow, #53 Relaxation / Cobalt, #64 Peach Blossom Kombucha / Coral, #67 Rosemary Mint / Lime, #69 Dragon Fruit / Red, #70 Sandalwood & Amber / Black, #73 Fresh Lilac / Pink, #79 Lemon Basil / Avocado

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